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Madden NFL 18 - Overview Of The Game

When a franchise releases a new year year after year, the question is still how much you can renew in just twelve months. This is the case with Madden. Madden NFL 18 is already the second part in the series and, like the other sports games in the Electronic Arts lineup, the series is up to some news. Now this novelty is mainly in the form of Longshot. A new game mode that should take you for hours. Is this addition, however, enough?

Cold As Ice

Madden NFL is of course the sports game in which it's all about American Football. The game is the American variant of FIFA, with a number of small tweaks being implemented each time, which should make the necessary changes. This is again the case in this part. The rosters are all updated and there are some new game modes. Especially the new modes provide the necessary innovation, because the gameplay has not changed much. That which has been adapted is mainly the result of the transition to the new Frostbite engine. A nice step, but not one without stumbling blocks.

This is the first time that the Frostbite engine is used for Madden NFL, previously used to be the Ignite Engine. The animations look a lot more beautiful and the impact of hard tackles is hard-working. A big graphic progress, but certainly not flawless. For example, there are regular legs stitching through torsos and seeing everything out of the stadiums is a bit mediocre. Ultimately, however, it is about the action within the stadium, and that is definitely good. Players look like the real versions and there is much more detail. The wind blowing through the jersey and the tattoos provide a more realistic experience, which undoubtedly benefits the immersion.

Going Deep

As mentioned, the gameplay has not changed significantly. The game is the same as previous versions, and it's not very much either. What it does is doing well. The new changes are therefore mainly in the various modes, with the big one spreading Longshot. This is the first time there is a story mode in Madden. In Longshot we follow Devin Wade. Devin has had a lot of trouble and after a promising start he has thrown his future into a NFL team. At least, until he gets cast for the reality series 'Longshot'. In the show he is opposed to a number of competitors and the winner is trained by a legendary coach. However, that does not happen without falling and rising. So you get into an emotional roller coaster, making friendship, loyalty and choices central. Gradually, the story makes your choices that have an impact on the course of the story. Are you coming to your favorite team, are you your best friend, Colt Cruise, loyal and are you a real professional? All of this must be apparent from your choices. An interesting mode and a nice addition, but when that book is closed, you continue with where you really buy the game, football.

As in previous years, we also have the Franchise and MUT mode again for this choice. In franchise you take control of a player or coach and fight you with a team over the seasons. Reporters Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis perform excellent work and it is therefore remarkable that they often refer to matches you played in the past. MUT is Madden's FUT. You save cards and use them for your own fantasy team. Legends, newcomers and even Longshot players are all collected. This is by far the most profound mode, but a little hocus pocus for newcomers. Fortunately, there is also an option to choose the best setup with the push of a button. In addition to Longshot, Madden NFL 18 has another new option, Play Live Now. The mode does exactly what you expect. Matches that are on television this week are instantly playable. Nice, because the setup, timing and weather conditions have been implemented one by one. If you play a match after it has been played, it would sometimes be like to hear a snippets of the actual comment from that particular match!

Madden NFL 18 is simply old fashioned. The gameplay is not much different, but the Frostbite Engine pushes the franchise again in a graphical way. In addition, EA invests primarily in the diversity of the game. The gameplay is like a house. Longshot is a fun mode that makes for some change, but in the end it's about sports. Fortunately, that's also a must with the franchise, MUT and Play Now Live modes. Although the reporters are doing excellent work, I'm sorry that there is no nice halftime show and the visual presentation is generally a bit scary. In this area, EA can still suck on, for example, the NBA 2K series. Nevertheless, this is another great update of a long-term franchise. However, if he is really worth buying it, if you own the previous part, it's true to yourself. By the way, gamers can buy madden 18 coins online to make a finely personalized Madden team.

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