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Madden NFL 18: The Ranking Of The 32 NFL Teams

On 25 August there was reason for joy for football-inspired video game friends. With Madden NFL the latest part of the series is on the shelves.

  • PLACE 32 - NEW YORK JETS: Rating 75 (Defense:…

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EA Sports Putting Out Madden NFL 18 This Year

American football game: there is something for everyone, and for all ages, in this new year 2017. A short tour with the selection of this early September.

With 224 clubs and 23,000 licensed last se…

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Madden 18 Was The Most Sold Game Of August In USA

NPD Group released its list of top-selling titles for the month of August, and curiously Madden NFL 18 was the best selling title in the USA.

We leave you the complete list of best selling titl…

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Learn How To Buy The MUT Players You Like With Coins In Madden NFL 18

MUT continues to be one Madden's most robust modes. It offers players solo challenges to play against the computer. Head to head competition and the aforementioned squad based gameplay. While the mode…

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Madden NFL 18 - Overview Of The Game

When a franchise releases a new year year after year, the question is still how much you can renew in just twelve months. This is the case with Madden. Madden NFL 18 is already the second part in the …

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Discover The Behind The Scenes At Longshot In Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL 18 is available from August 22 on Xbox One for €69.99. Electronic Arts reminds us of his good memories with a video revealing the behind the scenes of the development to create Longshot, th…

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Overview Of Madden NFL 18

The classic Electronic Arts saga, Madden NFL 18, hit stores, and 4K and HDR support will come later with an update. The creative director of Madden NFL 18 has wanted to point out that it is possible t…

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